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The Battler Resource Base (BRB) is to assist Pacific Island invasive species practitioners in their battle against invasive species.

The ultimate goal of the BRB is to provide a one-stop-base for all our invasive species stakeholder’s information needs. It is a searchable knowledge resource to support your invasive species management.

The BRB provides our National Invasive Species Coordinators, PRISMSS partners, and invasive species stakeholders from everywhere an easier way to find information and knowledge products that can assist their programme of works, research on priority species, or simply manage their invasive species projects independently, following the"Guidelines for invasive species management indicators in the Pacific" which outlines a set of themes and objectives to assist in developing a comprehensive invasive species programme.

BRB features a:

  1. browsable Pacific Invasive Species Battler Series on common Pacific topical issues
  2. browse by country using a map
  3. featured publications
  4. related online resources
  5. recently added resources
  6. and featured videos

Among these, you can also search for documents, case-studies, reports and other materials by using the filter options by: Species name (Scientific /common name), country, “Guidelines” thematic indicators, and/or PRISMSS programme alternatively, use the general search by selecting faceted search option to refine search results of the resources.